Please take 5 minutes to complete the 2017 survey by clicking the relevant link below

This is your chance to take part in our second SME insurainsight survey, the largest yet to be held in the SME insurance marketplace.

How much is insurance valued? Are insurance products innovative and accessible enough? How much progress is being made?

insurainsight 360 SME Insurance brings 360° feedback and insight from customers and insurance workers to the industry to help develop products and services aligned to customer needs and drive innovation.

We didn’t want to just ask the industry what they thought  to be true; we want to ask those that really matter too - the customers.

We want to be able to bring a report designed to help insurance companies, brokers and intermediaries focus their attention and strategies not on internal issues alone but on customer driven requirements.

The chance to really peer through the looking glass and engage with the end consumer warts and all, no place to hide, just the pure, unadulterated facts about your industry, what customers love about you, don’t understand about you - but most importantly - what they want from you!

With this second insurainsight survey we will be able to report on progress made from last year's survey, tracking improvements as the industry changes.