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Is the NHS broken?
The UK has changed beyond recognition since the birth of the NHS in 1948. The population has grown, people are living longer, and prior to Brexit, immigration has added to the increased numbers all looking for world class health services in the UK. However, you don't need to look hard to see the cracks in the system as evidenced by national and medical trade press headlines:

2016 is make or break time for the NHS
The health service cannot afford inefficiency or poor productivity, yet too often the focus is on the one-off, short term and tactical
The Guardian 13 January 2016

Mounting deficits, worsening performance and declining staff morale
leave theNHS facing its biggest challenges for many years
The King’s Fund 2016

The pressures on the NHS will only increase in 2016
If the health service is to survive, it needs to be properly funded, adequately
staffed, and with patients and clinicians in charge

The Guardian 04 January 2016

System-wide problems driving NHS deficit
Financial woes cannot be attributed solely to poor performance by local trusts

The Health Foundation 01 March 2016

600 GP practices at risk of closure, says RCGP.
Around 600 practices are at risk of closure by 2020 due to problems recruiting GPs,
the RCGP has claimed

Pulse 19 September 2016

Hospital doctors ‘miss signs of illness’ because of chronic staff shortages
Survey reveals widespread concern that widening gaps in rotas are risking
patient safety and leave ‘pressurised’ medics in tears

The Guardian 20 August 2016

Nurse shortage puts children's mental health plan ‘at risk’
A government mental health strategy is at risk because most children and young people’s mental health trusts have nurse recruitment difficulties, suggests an independent report.

Nursing Times 19 August 2016

Brexit 'will make NHS staff shortages worse'
The vote to leave the EU risks making staffing shortages in the NHS worse,
health leaders are warning.

BBC 30 June 2016

The other NHS crisis: the overworked nurses who are leaving in despair
At what point is a qualified nurse – who entered the NHS expecting long hours and low pay – pushed so far that they can no longer carry on?
The Guardian 25 June 2016

Patients ‘at risk’ as the anaesthetists shortage is predicted to increase
The NHS faces a critical shortage of anaesthetists that could force operations to
be delayed and even threaten patient safety, doctors’ leaders have warned

The Observer 12 June 2016

Why has the NHS deficit ballooned? One word: understaffing
The Guardian 20 May 2016

Health experts are warning that one in 10 adults in the UK will be at risk of developing diabetes by 2035.
For the first time, Public Health England forecasts the number of people with the disease could top five million if obesity rates continue to increase. About 90% of patients have type 2 diabetes, which is linked to being overweight. A separate analysis says the cost of treating the UK's "diabetes epidemic" could soar to 17% of the NHS budget.
BBC 24 October 2016

The impact of the ageing population
The impact of the ageing population on health and social care services is hard to predict. It may lead to increased costs or the growing number of older people may create new economic and social opportunities.

The King’s Fund 2016

Against this back drop, some of the national press and other commentators claim the NHS is broken and we should look to other countries such as Switzerland, Holland and Australia for direction on creating an NHS for the 21st century. There has, however, been a steady growth in the private medical and health insurance sector with consultants working across both public and private health services and private hospitals being commissioned with the latest diagnosis and medical facilities. There is no perfect health service in the world, all have issues. Health service provision is extremely complicated especially in a country with a diverse population of "have’s and have-not’s”. What do patients want? Is National insurance the best way to pay for healthcare? Should health insurance be made mandatory? Can and should private health care better engage medical professionals and provide state-of-the-art services to those who can and cannot pay more?

There have been many surveys but none that provide a 360 degree perspective which MktInsight 360 can provide. Health insight 360° patient needs seeks to understand the British public's and the medical profession's experience of health services in the UK - from public to private. Despite the cracks, the NHS is still a world class health service but what are the opportunities that lie ahead?
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