This is your chance to take part in our second gender debate, the largest yet to be held on gender in the work place.

How far have we come? It’s time to stand up and have your views counted, so the questions raised in Parliament by Government and across our board rooms in business can really be answered, accurately.

Should there be a quota for women? Do men do a better job in power? Do women really want to be in leadership roles, and do men want to work for them?

Two questionnaires, one for each gender – have your say and make your views heard in this confidential 360° survey that takes no more than 5 minutes to complete.

The Gender Debate: let’s at the facts, and see how far we have come.

Let the gender debate begin!
Click below to take part in the 2016 survey, it only takes 5 minutes and you will receive a copy of the top level survey results.